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NHL’s new Adidas jerseys leak online hours before official announcement

We have our first look at the NHL’s uniforms for next season!

Two hours before its official announcement, the NHL’s newest jerseys from Adidas leaked online to the public. The league has been hyping the switch-over from Reebok to Adidas for awhile now, and on Tuesday the uniforms leaked on Twitter.

The NHL did officially announce them later on Tuesday evening.

This is also the first time we’ve gotten an official look at what the NHL’s newest expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights, will wear for the 2017-18 season.

Many of the jerseys will look the same, as only minor details have changed on some. Others, however, have been given overhauls — like Minnesota’s new tan stripe across the chest — or the Oilers’ switch to a mostly orange jersey.

Here are a few fresh opinions:

  • I wish I could understand Adidas’ love of color blocks on the sleeves. The World Cup of Hockey jerseys were full of them, and even Vegas isn’t spared.
  • Speaking of the Golden Knights, their jerseys are fine. Nothing to write home about, but nothing too offensive, either.
  • It’s a crying shame the Predators lost piping on the tops of their new uniforms, honestly. It’s too bottom-heavy.
  • The original Avalanche jerseys are back and I am so happy to see them.