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Charles Barkley is having a ton of fun at the Stanley Cup Final

Hey, Chuck!

Basketball analyst Charles Barkley has made his love of the Stanley Cup Final no secret. He’s on record saying the Stanley Cup playoffs are more enjoyable than the NBA playoffs, and he wanted to sneak out of a Cavaliers vs. Celtics game to watch Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final.

Now, in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final in Nashville, Barkley has finally made an appearance! Waving a rally towel!

Then, at the end of the second period, Barkley was interviewed on NBC and gave hockey fans the words they were longing to hear.

Yes, Barkley affirmed his stance that the Stanley Cup playoffs have been better than the NBA playoffs. Use this knowledge wisely, hockey fans.

The rest of Barkley’s interview is quite the treat. He even compared the atmosphere in Bridgestone Arena of that to Bulls fans in their “hay-day.”