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2017 Stanley Cup Final: Predators’ Roman Josi stops goal with a diving stick save in Game 4


When the Penguins made a rapid series of goal-mouth shots midway through Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final and none went in, most of us screamed about how amazing goalie Pekka Rinne was.

As it turns out, the Predators goalie did about 70 percent of the work. The final miraculous stop belonged to top defenseman Roman Josi.

You can see Josi’s stick come in at the last minute for the third save after Rinne was pulled way out of his crease.

Incredible. Truly, both goalies were rock-solid early in Game 4. The Penguins goalie just barely missed a tremendous save that ended up as a Predators’ goal moments before.

Now we can add Josi to the list of great goaltenders in this one. What a game.