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Nobody had more fun at the ESPYs than P.K. Subban

“Cut to P.K. Subban having fun.”

P.K. Subban’s wacky offseason tour is still in full swing, folks. Last week, Subban took in Wimbledon, and got a picture with a poster of Serena Williams to prove it.

On Wednesday, Subban was the hockey world’s presence at the ESPYs, the sports world’s version of the Oscars as you would say. Sidney Crosby was the winner of the Best NHL Player category, but Subban stole the show.

Host Peyton Manning made sure the cameras cut to Subban “having fun” during the broadcast.

I have a lot of questions, mostly about that duck. But yes, it does seem like Subban was having fun at the ESPYs last night!

Subban also did an interview with Hannah Storm before the show on the red carpet. His Lindsey Vonn joke clearly falls flat (you can be better than that, man!) but his friendship with Williams is brought up again.

Subban also gets in on singing the praises of Manning to his face!


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And he pranked Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman for good measure.

All in a day’s work for Subban, it seems!