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Matt Duchene trade talks are ‘quiet on all fronts’ for the Colorado Avalanche

General manager Joe Sakic said that he is still “listening to offers” on the 26-year-old center.

Washington Capitals v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

As the end of August approaches, the needle has yet to move further on the Avalanche’s Matt Duchene situation. There have been trade rumors around the 26-year-old center since January at the earliest, when Duchene mentioned to The Denver Post that he was “open” to moving on from Colorado.

Seven months later, the Avalanche and Duchene are still dangling in the wind as the NHL’s top unresolved thread with the offseason nearing its close. On Thursday, Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic spoke to Mike Chambers of The Denver Post on Duchene’s situation, and it still seems like the team is far away from trading Duchene.

“I will be listening to offers. Right now it’s quiet on all fronts,” Sakic said. “But I’ll listen to offers on how we can get better. I’ll never name names but I’ll sit there and if something makes sense for the way we want to go, with our team, we’ll really look at that.”

The Denver Post also made mention that Sakic believes Duchene will attend Avalanche training camp within the coming weeks.

Just a few months ago, Duchene was rumored to both the Blue Jackets and the Predators, as the pair of teams reportedly had offers on the table for the center. Also linked to Duchene in the last few months have been the Coyotes, Canadiens, Islanders, Hurricanes, Bruins, and Penguins, to varying degrees and sources.

Where most teams have likely been turned off, however, is the asking price. Back in February before the trade deadline, Sakic was reportedly looking for “an established, young NHL player, plus a first-round draft pick and a top prospect.” While it’s a high asking price on a player that has trended downward on a bad team, the Avalanche want players that can make impacts now and stock their cupboards for the future.

Duchene is still a valuable player at 26. While the center had just 41 points in 77 games on a 48-point season for the Avalanche, that was his lowest point total in six seasons. Over his previous three years before that, Duchene has crested the 55-point mark and has consistently been one of the team’s top scorers.

It feels inevitable that Duchene will not be on the Avalanche for much longer, whether he is traded this offseason, before the next trade deadline, or next offseason as his five-year contract winds down. The marriage between the Avalanche and Duchene is seemingly an unhappy one, but considering the low interest, the two could be stuck together for a little while longer.