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The Kings just roasted the Flyers on Twitter with a brutal Taylor Swift meme

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This sass battle ended exactly how you’d expect.

It’s been a while since we’ve had some sass from the NHL’s main Twitter accounts. The Vegas Golden Knights are doing a great job as the league’s newcomers, but for a while the kings of the business were, appropriately, the Los Angeles Kings.

There have been some incredible NHL Twitter moments in the past, but the Kings have gotten back into the mix with a bit of Taylor Swift. Jumping on the bandwagon of memes since Swift’s new song dropped last week, the Kings posted this mostly innocent tweet about Jeff Carter.

Carter, if you remember, was traded from the Philadelphia Flyers way back in 2011. A year after being moved to Columbus, Carter was traded to the Kings and helped Los Angeles win a Stanley Cup that same season and then again in 2014.

The Flyers, ever vigilant on Twitter, of course decided to respond to the Kings on this midday August afternoon.

The Kings then followed that tweet up with one of the best clap-backs of all time, featuring a reference even we here at SB Nation must make.

Honestly, using Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s infamous moment from 2009 was a perfect, full-circle end to the Kings’ original tweet. Bravo, Kings social media, you win this round. Next time, Flyers, you might want to be excluded from that narrative.