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Roger Federer and NHL No. 1 pick Nico Hischier are adorable Swiss sports bros

The tennis star had high praise, and advice, for his ‘unbelievably talented’ countryman.

2017 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Switzerland is having quite a moment in the sports world. Current tennis great Roger Federer has been looking for his sixth U.S. Open title and within the next few weeks, Nico Hischier will take to the ice for the New Jersey Devils.

It’s not really surprising to see the tennis legend and an 18-year-old hockey player in the same conversation. Federer has brought a lot of success to Switzerland with 19 Grand Slam titles, and many look now to Hischier to carry that flag.

Back in June, Hischier became the first Swiss hockey player to be taken No. 1 overall in the NHL draft when he landed with New Jersey. Hischier is quite the hockey player, and he’ll have the chance to lead the Devils much like Connor McDavid has done with the Oilers and Auston Matthews with the Maple Leafs.

Though Federer and Hischier have not met, the former was asked about the 18-year-old at the U.S. Open on Thursday. Federer’s answer, according to The Post Game, was quite flattering of Hischier:

"I mean, look, we're very happy in Switzerland that we have such a great hockey player in the starting blocks, who is hopefully going to be a great, great player. Hope he stays healthy. I'm only hearing great things about him. He's a good guy. Unbelievably talented. People predict a great future ahead of him.”

Federer even had advice to give to Hischier on staying focused no matter the noise around him as one of the NHL’s up-and-coming players.

“You have to put your head down and just work as hard as you possibly can, have a great entourage around you,” Federer said. “If he has any questions, I'm always happy to help...

“But I wish him all the very best. Haven't met him yet. I hope to meet him someday.”

It’s no doubt tough starting an NHL career as the face of a franchise after being drafted No. 1 overall, but Hischier clearly has Federer in his corner.