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Shadows on the ice are making for a tough 2018 Winter Classic TV viewing experience

This is a lot of shade.

At the Winter Classic, hockey is essentially at the mercy of the unpredictable, ever changing phenomenon we call weather. While the 2018 NHL Winter Classic at Citi Field is frigid, precipitation is not in the cards for the tilt between the New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabres.

What has become a problem, however, is the shadows that are ever-present, and constantly changing thanks to the movement of the sun, on the ice.

The effect is even worse in motion, as it’s extremely hard to see the puck in the shadows on television.

Shadows usually aren’t such a big problem in outdoor hockey games, as these games can often be played in overcast skies or later in the evening when the sun is down.

Instead, Citi Field has been lost in a maze of shadows, and TV viewers aren’t too happy about it.

One can only imagine what the environment must be like for fans in Citi Field and the players on the ice that are dealing with the changing conditions.