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Edmonton Oilers fans serenade Connor McDavid mid-game on his 21st birthday


You only turn 21 once in your life, and fans of the Edmonton Oilers are making sure Connor McDavid remembers his. McDavid and the Oilers visited Vegas for the first time on Saturday for a matchup with the Golden Knights, and the captain was met with thousands of orange-clad Edmonton fans.

To mark the special occasion, Oilers fans took to singing “Happy Birthday” to McDavid, in the middle of play no less!

The singing was loud enough to be picked up by the broadcast teams, as it occurred at 9:07 of the first period. Get it, because McDavid wears No. 97 for the Oilers.

That’s quite some planning you’ve got, Edmonton. Hats off to you, and a happy birthday to your captain!