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The Blackhawks definitely, 100 percent know they ‘need to be better’

It’s pretty much become their mantra for this season.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Blackhawks are sinking fast in the standings right now. The Western Conference’s longtime juggernaut is last in the Central Division, seven points behind the Avalanche for the final wild card spot, and without starting goalie Corey Crawford for the foreseeable future.

A year after earning the No. 1 seed for the playoffs, the Blackhawks look increasingly likely to find themselves in the lottery. And with the way their roster is constructed, there’s little that can be done right now in terms of making significant changes other than potentially firing Joel Quenneville, which seems like a long shot.

So what are the Blackhawks to do in order to try to save their season? Well, here’s their go-to answer.

Move over, “One Goal,” the Blackhawks have a new motto this season.