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P.K. Subban’s ‘The Daily Show’ visit highlighted the NHL’s biggest philanthropist

There’s nobody in hockey like P.K.

As if P.K. Subban needed to do anything else to convince fans he’s one of a kind, the Predators defenseman appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Wednesday night to discuss his charitable work in his two hometowns, Montreal and Nashville.

Looking as dapper as ever in his plaid suit, Subban used his time on the show to talk with Noah about why he’s so passionate about giving back to the community, how he decided on a $10 million donation to the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and what it means to make such a huge difference in the lives of others.

After telling a story of his relationship with a young boy named Alex Shapiro who passed away, Subban explained how it compelled him to start giving back to those in need.

“For me, that made me want to give back in a different way and really have a significant impact, and not just give back where everyone could say, ‘Wow, that’s great,’ but to give back where I could actually make a difference. And when I was presented the opportunity to do something like this, with the $10 million donation to the hospital in Montreal, I didn’t even think twice about it.”

Subban was a member of the Montreal Canadiens at the time, but he was traded to Nashville in a blockbuster deal in summer 2016. Since then, he’s continued his charitable work in his new city, this time with a program that sends underprivileged kids to hang out at Predators games with local police officers. He also does special things around the holidays every year.

There are a lot of generous, charitable players in the NHL, but Subban is the leader in terms of using his platform to make an impact off the ice. There’s truly nobody like him, as we were reminded of Wednesday night.

You can check out the entire extended The Daily Show interview, which runs for about 10 minutes, here if you’re interested.