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Controversial goaltender interference call nearly costs Edmonton Oilers a win

And captain Connor McDavid had something to say about it.

The NHL’s goaltender interference rule has always been touch-and-go with referees across the league. It’s one of the more inconsistent rules called due to the gray area in which the rule operates.

That gray area nearly cost the Edmonton Oilers a win on Thursday night against Pacific Division rivals Calgary Flames. Connor McDavid set teammate Ryan Strome on a nice play in three-on-three overtime with the game tied 3-3, and the latter buried the setup with a quick poke past Calgary goaltender David Rittich.

However, the play was eventually called back after all of the celebrating because of goaltender interference:

It’s hard to see exactly what was goaltender interference on the play, as McDavid was well out of Rittich’s way by the time Strome got to the puck. However, Rittich was clearly having trouble getting up after McDavid skated by, so that’s likely where the call came from.

The Oilers were, to put it lightly, less than pleased, but they eventually took the game in the shootout. McDavid, who scored the eventual winner, gave a nearby ref a bit of a chirp after his goal:

Quite the way to take a victory! One can only imagine the reaction if the Oilers lost the game in the shootout to their longstanding rival.