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The Stanley Cup joined Tampa Bay’s pirate festival during NHL All-Star Weekend

The NHL has never seen a celebration quite like this!

The Stanley Cup is the NHL’s most important symbol. It’s historic, iconic, and it even has so much superstition around it that hockey players won’t often touch it unless they actually win the thing.

Which makes this appearance in Tampa Bay feel so out of the ordinary with the NHL’s All-Star Weekend in full swing. Coincidentally, the NHL’s break weekend has coincided with the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which is exactly what it sounds like on the tin. Tampa Bay celebrates the legend of José Gaspar, a mythical Spanish pirate from the early 1800s, every year in an event that includes parades, giant boats, and lots and lots of pirates.

So, of course, the events collided in a strange, yet almost movie-like caper involving a set of pirates attempting to steal the Stanley Cup.

Outside of the skit, the Stanley Cup did actually make an appearance on the Jose Gasparilla, and it looked as decked out as we’ve ever seen it.

Yes, that is the Stanley Cup wearing a miniature life vest. Mario Lemieux could have certainly used that during his failed buoyancy test in a pool way back when.

The real events of All-Star Weekend have yet to kick off and Tampa Bay has already shown us an incredible welcome party.