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Jack Eichel, Nikita Kucherov team up for spectacular All-Star Game goal

These are some moves!

Anything Nikita Kucherov can do, Jack Eichel can do just as well. The pair of forwards put on a show during the second game of the 2018 NHL All-Star Game, as we were gifted with one of the more beautiful goals of this event.

The two combined their skills on a 2-on-1 breakaway for the Atlantic Division, and the result was something else.

First, Kucherov went behind the back to pass the puck to Eichel across the ice, then the Sabres forward duplicated the move right back to the Lightning forward. Poor Braden Holtby had no chance on the play in net, as he was stuck with the aftermath of an incredible team up.

Definitely a highlight of the All-Star Game, no doubt!