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Everyone’s favorite dramatic NHL referee is back for the All-Star Game

An offside call in the All-Star Game? Get Wes McCauley to do it!

The offside rule will strike at any time, even in an All-Star Game. Erik Karlsson found out firsthand that the NHL will take a look at any goal, as his tally in the second All-Star Game between the Atlantic and the Metropolitan was taken away.

First, the goal in question. Karlsson was in just before his Atlantic Division teammate on the review, which took a few minutes to determine despite how gorgeous the goal was on the ice.

Then Wes McCauley, the referee famous for his dramatic calls, did it again on the announcement, that it was a no goal on the ice!

A classic there from McCauley! The result of the no-goal didn’t matter, however, as the Atlantic raced past the Metropolitan Division for a 7-4 game. This All-Star Game has everything, it seems!