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Rangers make their emergency goalie wear a No. 69 ‘McBackup’ uniform

... nice.

Being an emergency goaltender for an NHL franchise can be a bizarre gig. You’ll probably never get to play in a game, but you’re regularly on call just in case one of the team’s actual netminders goes down, even if you’re just at home watching the game on TV.

So credit to the New York Rangers for making sure to have some fun with their emergency backup, who hopefully gets to keep this EXTREMELY nice “McBackup” No. 69 jersey.

Look at how happy that guy is.

Nobody in the NHL currently wears No. 69, so this would’ve been a very unique opportunity for the league to get the nicest number of all the numbers into the lineup. It might be time to propose a league rule: Every emergency goaltender should be required to wear No. 69.

Emergency NHL goalies could be anyone. Even you!