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These hockey fans just got married at a Vegas Golden Knights game


There have been a lot of firsts for the Vegas Golden Knights in their inaugural NHL season, but a proposal and wedding during a game may be the biggest highlight yet. At Thursday night’s Golden Knights game against the Edmonton Oilers, a gentleman proposed to a woman during a commercial break, and she said yes!

Proposals happen all the time at sporting events, but the announcement that the couple had the dress and cake all ready to get married THAT NIGHT is a once-in-a-lifetime move.

The Golden Knights were quick to help the new couple pick their first dance song.

The couple got married during the second intermission, with an Elvis impersonator obviously officiating the proceedings.

While the Elvis impersonator dropped the ring of all things in all of the commotion, the wedding went off without a hitch in front of a packed Vegas crowd.

All the best to the happy couple!!!! What a memorable wedding.