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Alex Burrows decked, then kneed, Taylor Hall in the head during a scrum

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The Ottawa Senators forward will receive a phone hearing for this hit.

Things got testy on Tuesday night between the New Jersey Devils and the Ottawa Senators. In a 5-3 loss for New Jersey, the Devils were lucky not to lose star forward Taylor Hall to injury after he took some repeated punishment to the head.

Senators forward Alex Burrows went after Hall in the middle of the second period during a scrum, and things turned nasty.

Hall had originally skated away from the pile of players when Burrows went after him, igniting a fight between the two forwards that ended up being more one-sided when the Senators player dropped his counterpart to the ice.

Burrows was given a two-minute minor for cross checking for the incident. On closer look, the damage could have been much worse for Hall as Burrows’ knee came crashing down on Hall’s head multiple times

Hall scored on the ensuing power play for the Devils, cutting New Jersey’s deficit down to two goals.

Burrows was suspended back in 2014 when he was with Vancouver for an illegal check to the head. Now, he’ll receive a phone hearing from the Department of Player Safety for the incident.