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I’m pretty certain this Maple Leafs save is the best hockey save I’ve ever seen

Frederik Andersen does the almost-impossible.

A save like this one lends itself to hyperbole, but I don’t think this is hyperbole: I’ve never seen a better hockey save than what Frederik Andersen just did against the Bruins:

Making a save like this one requires a whole lot of luck. The Bruins’ David Pastrnak had cleanly received a pass that went across the goalmouth and left Andersen completely out of position. He had no chance, really, but for Pastrnak to miss the net completely (read: not gonna happen with the Stanley Cup Playoffs’ leading goal scorer) or to reach out with his stick and get an entirely random carom to keep the puck out of the net.

Well, Andersen got it. You can watch thousands of hockey games and never see a goalie make a lower-percentage stop than the one Andersen just made. He could try to reenact that in practice dozens of times and fail every single time, because it’s nearly impossible.

With Andersen’s help, the Leafs were well on their way to a Game 3 win and cutting their series deficit in this Eastern Conference Quarterfinal to 2-1.