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Helpless Bruins goalie loses skate blade, gives up goal, then throws blade in disgust after arguing with referee

There’s a whole lot going on here. The Bruins were on their way to victory, anyway.

Leading the Lightning 3-1 in the second period of Game 1 of their second-round series on Saturday, the Bruins gave up a weird goal. Net-minder Tuukka Rask lost his skate blade, which somehow got disconnected from the bottom of his actual skate. That made it impractical for Rask to, you know, skate. He wasn’t able to push from side to side in his crease or do any of the basic functions required of an NHL goaltender.

While Rask flailed around in front of his net, he kept gesturing toward a referee in the corner to please stop the play. The refs didn’t stop it, though, and the Lightning — who were on a power play — eventually scored on a long shot by defenseman Mikhail Sergachev:

Rask, for his part, couldn’t have been more furious. He picked up his blade and waved it in the ref’s face, then threw it down the ice in disgust.

I don’t know what to tell you, Tuukka. Life isn’t always fair. This is why the league didn’t stop play: There’s no rule compelling them to do so, according to the NHL.

The goal counted, cutting Tampa Bay’s deficit to 3-2. The game took on a general air of chippiness right around this time, with all kinds of equipment flying around:

The Bruins rolled to a win anyway.