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Michael Buffer announces Golden Knights, Capitals lineups for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals

Lllllllllllllet’s get ready to rummmmmmmmmble!

If you weren’t sure the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals were kicking off in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights offered plenty of reminders before the puck dropped. After once again topping themselves with their pre-game show, the Golden Knights had announcer Michael Buffer handling official player introductions.

Buffer is the most famous voice in boxing, handling introductions for prize fights. He hit on all of his traditional lines, introducing each team with “U.S.A” at the end of each city and state. He offered the colors of their jerseys, and offered up their full win-loss-overtime loss records. He offered his famous (and trademarked) “Let’s get ready to rumble” line, and now we are off.

Prior to the launch of the Golden Knights, the most famous sporting events in Las Vegas were prize fights. Buffer has become a staple of the city, and so it was fitting that he handle pre-game introductions for what is the biggest sporting event in this city’s history.