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A D.C. bar sold 157 shots for pennies for each Capitals’ goal in Game 1

A crazy opener meant there was plenty to drink!

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final was a wild one, with the Vegas Golden Knights and Washington Capitals combining for 10 goals and a record four lead changes. For fans of both teams, it was a heart-pounding affair up until the Golden Knights scored an empty-netter in the closing seconds.

Some would say alcohol is the best way for fans to deal with championship round drama. The folks at D.C.’s Union Pub decided to take this to the extreme during Game 1. The bar announced a special for the opening game in which for every Capitals’ goal, they would sell a round of shots for pennies based on the player’s jersey number. For example, if Alexander Ovechkin scored a goal, that round of shots would be 8 cents.

I am not a fan of all-caps tweeting, but if anything deserved that treatment, it was this special.

The Golden Knights jumped on top 7:51 into the game on a Colin Miller power play goal. Seven minutes later, the Capitals evened it up on a Brett Connolly deflection. Connolly sports jersey No. 10, and so, a round of 10 cent shots! According to the folks at Union Pub, one person picked up the tab for their back bar. Of course, even if there had been 100 people back there, that would have only been a $10 tab, but we appreciate the effort.

No. 19 Nicklas Backstrom added another first period goal, No. 74 John Carlson made the price a little bit steeper in the second period, and No. 43 Tom Wilson closed out the Capitals’ scoring in the third period.

By the end of the night, Union Pub had sold 157 shots of alcohol. Even with cheaper end alcohol, I’d say the bartenders more than anybody deserve the props for keeping up with a busy night of shots. Given the final outcome of the game, I’m guessing Union Pub patrons are not enjoying their Tuesday hangovers.