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Don Cherry’s favorite ‘sandwich’ is a nauseating salmon concoction

Those with sensitive stomachs: you’ve been warned

CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Don Cherry is a titan of the hockey community. Even if you don’t know who he is by name, you’ve probably come across his loudly-patterned jackets and even louder hockey opinions.

He’s been around so long that it’s unsurprising to see a “the Don Cherry you don’t know!” article in the Toronto Sun, in which he discusses watching baseball, doesn’t leave the hotel much, and doesn’t get to know the players he covers on a day-to-day basis.

He also talks about sandwiches ... and this is where I’m going to tell you to close this window and run away forever if you have a sensitive stomach. I cannot guarantee you that Witness Protection can shield you from the sandwich horror if you keep reading.

With that said, Cherry described his favorite sandwich in this story, and it’s awful. He said,

“It’s the greatest thing in the world. Salmon, cheese, mayo, after a couple of days the salmon soaks into the bread.

That sounds terrible. But good news, it gets worse! Ron MacLean, Cherry’s partner in the booth for Coach’s Corner and Hockey Night in Canada host, described the sandwich in an even more disgusting way.

“It’s more like a pudding than a sandwich. But it is delicious.”

Let’s break this down by least to most disgusting quote.

“Salmon, cheese, mayo ...”

OK, that’s gross but to each their own.

“It’s the greatest thing in the world.”

This is more concerning, but again, to each their own! If you think these ingredients are good and your lovely wife has made this sandwich for you since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, then go with God.

“But it is delicious.”

Because this part came from MacLean, it’s a little more gross. Because this means that MacLean has voluntarily tried this sandwich and enjoyed it. Or is being pressured to publicy proclaim his enjoyment. Is Hockey Night in Canada a cult? Worrisome.

“... after a couple of days the salmon soaks into the bread.”

Noooooooooope. No. No! Not a single sandwich on this planet should be eaten “after a couple of days”, especially when there’s fish involved. We’re not even touching on the salmon soaking into the bread because I can’t. SB Nation’s workers comp doesn’t cover gross-sandwich-related gagging.

“It’s more like a pudding than a sandwich.”


Absolutely not.




I will never be able to get these words out of my head. I will see this sandwich/pudding/Island of Doctor Moreau creation in my nightmares. My stomach is fully churned.

Cherry also said of the sandwich and his personal tastes:

“This is the food for me, this is what I’ve always eaten.”

Don Cherry is 84 dang years old and still going strong. If eating this monstrosity is what’s gotten him this far, then I almost have to respect it. But I can’t, because it’s nauseating.