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Alex Ovechkin and Marc-Andre Fleury hit each other with sticks before the Capitals won the Stanley Cup

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What, exactly, was going on here?

Alex Ovechkin and Marc-Andre Fleury had been going toe-to-toe in big games for years before Ovechkin’s Capitals beat Fleury’s Golden Knights in Game 5 to win the Stanley Cup.

They know each other well as competitors. I don’t know if this was Ovechkin taunting Fleury before a big moment or just having fun, but it was definitely something:

If it was a joke, Fleury didn’t seem to find it all that funny.

At another point in warmups, Fleury whacked Ovechkin on his shin pads while the two skated across each other. Again, maybe just fun! I’m not sure which happened first:

But it looked like mutual taunting and not all that nice to me.

Ovechkin scored a goal in Game 5, his third one of the series, and got to hoist the Stanley Cup for the first time in his career afterward. He put on a masterful playoff all the way around. This’ll be a small footnote in it.