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Andrei Svechnikov scored the NHL’s first lacrosse-style goal from BEHIND THE NET

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Don Cherry weeps.

I seriously cannot stop watching this friggin’ goal by Andrei Svechnikov.

This scooping, lacrosse-style goal is the first of its kind in the NHL (most get called off due to the stick being above the bar), and honestly I’m freaking out over it. It might even be better from the angle behind the net.

This means so much more than you can imagine. Do you know just how bad professional sports in North Carolina are right now? The Panthers are literally limping alongside Cam Newton, and the Hornets are a dumpster fire — the Hurricanes, however are a beacon of fun and hope and light and everything is good.

It also helps that Svechnikov is tearing it up with 12 points in 12 games, including four goals in his last two outings. It’s almost enough to help you forget the Hornets losing Kemba Walker. Almost.