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These athletes bought fans a beer after accidentally spilling one

Be more like Gary Payton II and Dylan Larkin to your fellow neighbors.

Buying a beer at a professional sports game isn’t cheap. If you’re trying to party while watching your favorite team in person, you can expect to pay $10-15 per drink. Even highly paid athletes realize the cost of enjoying yourself at a game can add up quickly.

Accidentally spilling someone’s drink is one of the worst feelings you can have at a game. While replacing the drink often feels like an inconvenience because of the lines and the prices, it’s still something an accidental beer spiller has to do. Athletes understand this even while they’re competing.

At a recent game, Red Wings star Dylan Larkin spilled a fan’s drink when he slammed into the glass during warmups. He immediately found a team staffer and asked him to take $20 out of his locker to replace the drink.

The exact same scenario happened to Golden State Warriors guard Gary Payton II earlier this month. Payton accidentally spilled a fan’s drink and immediately apologized. He asked the fan what they were drinking (a Truly!), asked a staffer to replace the drink, brought over a towel to help clean it up, and apologized again.

The Glove obviously raised his son well.

It’s nice to see athletes care so much about the fan experience that they’re willing to take the time and effort to replace a spilled drink even when they have so many other things to focus on.

Be more like GPII and Dylan Larkin to your fellow neighbors.