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Gritty got totally naked and made me feel things

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

I never thought I’d get sick of seeing too much Gritty, but on Wednesday night I saw too much Gritty.

Make no mistake, it’s not because I have some weird aversion to the artistic beauty of tasteful nudity, it’s that Gritty has me feeling things I was not prepared for. Entranced by his bulbous outie belly button, I felt the same way towards Gritty that I did when I was attracted to Buggs Bunny dressing up.

Deep down I know this is inappropriate too. Art isn’t meant to titillate, it’s meant to provoke thought. Make us feel things. So, to put aside the inherent ludicrous sexiness of a nude Gritty aside, we were given some incredible art.

I don’t know what the plan for this portrait is, but I need it in my life. I hope the Flyers auction this off for charity so I can get yelled at by my friends and family for spending my life savings in the hopes of hanging this in my living room.