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Celine Dion’s traitorous beef with the Montreal Canadiens has led to a conspiracy theory

How could you Celine?!

Celine Dion is the source of an international hockey incident after the Canadian icon did the unthinkable. Raising the question: Where does her heart beat now?

The Golden Knights and Canadiens are locked in a brutal conference finals series headed to a potential series-winning Game 6 for Montreal. Naturally Canada thought the power of love would woo Celine back to their side, but instead she chose to appear on the screen at T-Mobile arena, all by herself, wearing Golden Knights gear.

“Zut alors,” “incroyable,” “c’est impossible,” they likely said, staring at the image of a Canadian cultural goddess draped in the fabric of the enemy. Sure, Celine now lives in Las Vegas where she performs — but to turn her back on Montreal hockey? It’s certainly not a world to believe in.

Some Dion faithful kept their torches burning. They refused to believe that’s the way it is. Internet sleuthing revealed that perhaps Celine hadn’t abandoned the Canadiens after all, and this was all a ruse by the Golden Knights.

It is true? Is this real? Had Vegas simply taken a 2007 photo of Celine and put her in their gear? Unbelievable. Perhaps this is the power of the dream, to realize your hero didn’t turn her back. That perhaps she’s hidden, cloistered away in Resorts World trapped between her old life and her new, paralyzed by rabid hockey fans beset on both sides. One thing is clear: If we know Celine, her heart will go on, and perhaps her love of Montreal will start all coming back to her now.