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This sassy NHL ref is going viral for all the right reasons

All hail Wes McCauley!

There’s a school of thought that referees are best heard, but not seen. That their only role should be to enforce the rules, not turn themselves into a spectacle. Everything flies out the window when it comes to the NHL’s enthusiasm king, Wes McCauley.

McCauley’s delivery on “five minutes each ... for fighting” is utter perfection. Here’s a dude who knows how to play up the moment and make it so much more than just a hockey fight. It’s the biggest reason McCauley has become universally loved. Seriously, try to find anyone saying anything negative about McCauley — it just doesn’t exist.

While he’s been refereeing since 2003, it’s only recently people have began taking notice of just how phenomenal his refereeing is. In April he hit us with a pair of incredible moments that made everyone fall in love.

Now McCauley is back with his “five for fighting” and reminding us to love him once again. Every sport needs an animated ref, I mean, who could forget Ron Cherry?

We need more delightful refs.