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This huge Bruins/Coyotes brawl led to arrests, citations, and a FINGERTIP BEING BITTEN OFF

What the heck?

A huge brawl during an NHL game led to an arrest, citations, and potentially a hand missing a fingertip. This all occurred Friday during the game between the Bruins and Coyotes, and you’re not ready for the video of how wild this got.

The three-row fight between Arizona and Boston fans started with some routine yelling and shoving, then went absolutely buckwild. Punches were thrown across seats, with a man in a Coyotes shirt punching a woman in the face, before diving over the seats to tackle a man trying to retaliate.

Video of the incident didn’t capture what instigated the fight, but police working security watched from nearby for a long time before intervening. At that point one cop did whatever the hell this is, which appears to be a half-tackle-half-body surfing attempt at ... something.

TMZ reports that following the fracas one fan was arrested on a count of aggravated assault, after BITING A CHUNK OUT OF SOMEONE’S FINGERTIP. It’s unclear which side the fan was on, but the others involved in the fight were issued citations for their role in the brawl.

Police are still investigating the incident. As it stands the Coyotes have not issued a statement on whether anyone has been banned from the arena for their part in the brawl, though that is likely after the police investigation is complete.

I think it goes without saying, but: Don’t be a damn idiot at a game. I can’t believe we still need to have these conversations, but we will until is stops happening. Also, if you’re going to fight, don’t bite off fingers. It’s a coward’s move, and also totally gross.