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Marshawn Lynch doing Zamboni donuts is everything good in this world

Marshawn owns part of the Kraken now!

Marshawn Lynch is living his best life in retirement, and that includes buying a part of the Seattle Kraken and celebrating with Zamboni donuts.

It was announced Monday morning that Lynch and musician Macklemore had become minority owners of the Seattle Kraken, and with that comes all sorts of perks — like using the Zamboni whenever you want.

Wearing a custom jersey, Beast Mode was having the time of his life on the ice whipping that Zamboni around like he was in Fast and the Furious. I also didn’t realize the Kraken had a Starbucks-branded Zamboni until right now, which feels like the proper corporate nightmare for a Seattle-based team — but more importantly they now have Lynch on board.

It’s unclear how much of the Kraken that Marshawn actually owns, but I also don’t know if that’s really important. So long as we get plenty on involvement from him, we could be in for the most special sports ownership in a long time. Just keep him away from the Zamboni between periods, because I’m not so sure his technique creates a properly maintained playing surface.