Jayce Hawryluk

Vancouver Canucks #13 - Right Wing

  • Born: 01/01/96
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 196
  • Seasons: 2018

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Sixteen- Canucks @ Toronto


They’re going to remember not to trip over that same rock again, right?

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Fourteen- Canucks @ Toronto


"The good thing, friends" the hero said, "Is that the worst is behind us." NARRATOR: It wasn’t.

Leafs vs. Canucks game preview

The Canucks and the Leafs meet for the first time this season.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Thirteen- Canucks @ Montreal


"We anticipate a strong response from the Canucks tonight after that humiliating loss last night" the fan base tried its best to convince itself.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Twelve- Canucks @ Montreal


What a difference a week makes. After getting clowned by Les Canadiens at home, the Canucks can return the favour as they start a back to back in Montreal tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Ten- Canucks vs Ottawa


After 20 minutes, it looked like this game was going to be another one of those legendary Canucks collapses. They managed to right the ship, can they do it again tonight?

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Nine- Canucks vs Ottawa


A big win on Monday means absolutely nothing if they can’t do it again tonight.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Eight- Canucks vs Ottawa


After giving up 5 of 6 possible points to the Montreal Canadiens, the Canucks prepare for the first of 3 games in 4 nights against the Ottawa Senators.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Seven- Canucks vs Montreal


The game on Thursday night was one of the worst in the Jim Benning era, and that’s really saying something. Injuries are mounting and last year’s playoff run is starting to look like a fever dream.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Six- Canucks vs Montreal


Last night’s 6-5 SO win was exciting to watch, apart from a couple of absolutely rotten goaltending performances on both sides. And with the Canucks now looking seriously banged up, trying to...

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Five- Canucks vs Montreal


After a rough start in Alberta, the Canucks return home for 6 straight games, starting with 3 in 4 nights against the Montreal Canadiens.

GAME DAY PREVIEW: Game Four- Canucks @ Calgary


Now that they’ve gotten that embarrassment out of the way, the Canucks look to save a little face against the Flames tonight.