Quinn Hughes

Vancouver Canucks #43 - Defenseman

  • Born: 10/14/99
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 170
  • Seasons: 2018

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Vancouver can’t win, can’t score and can’t stop teams from scoring lately.

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The Canucks are on a brutal losing streak and it’s clear that something is wrong. While Monday offered some signs of hope, departed players remain a large focus.

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They’re going to remember not to trip over that same rock again, right?

What the hell are the Canucks doing?


Any preseason hype has morphed into bewilderment.

Tracking the Canadian Division champions

We should reward the division champions with awards of their own.

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An update on the Leafs vs. Canucks mini-series.

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"The good thing, friends" the hero said, "Is that the worst is behind us." NARRATOR: It wasn’t.

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This season could fall off the rails quickly if the Canucks don’t start beating good teams.

Recap: Anderson & Toffoli score twice in 5-3 victory

Tyler Toffoli’s two goals were enough to give him the NHL lead in scoring.

Analytical Analysis - G9 - Sometimes Too Late Is Too Late


The Flames don’t play a full 60 minutes and lose a 1 goal game. Yes this is a recording.