John Zeiler

Los Angeles Kings #29 - Right Wing

  • Born: 11/21/82
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5-11
  • Weight: 204

Microstats, Part Two: Goals, Assists, Points (2007-2012)


Part two, as promised. Part One (and definitions) are here. QoT is quality of teammates, using the same methodology as quality of competition. Goals, first assists, second assists and points are...

Sortable Kings Individual Microstats, 2008-2012


Here is some sortable chart fun. I started with's numbers for 2008-present, whittled them down to Kings players who played more than 10 games, and then crammed in as many...

Kings Gameday: Systemic Whining


Raise your hand if you think the Kings' system sucks. OK, cool. Now please explain exactly what the Kings' system is. No, not "shitty," but really what the Kings are doing and why that's bad. H...

Former Kings, pt 3 (last batch)


More Kasey Spatz pics. Wayne Simmonds (via crzyb16agirl) Jamie Kompon gives Ryan Smyth power play secrets (via crzyb16agirl) Peter Harrold & Oscar Moller (via crzyb16agirl) Brayden Schenn vs....

(small) updates on Schumacher, Elkins, Kitsyn


Michael Schumacher I updated this in the Kings Reserve List post, but I expect most people missed it, so: Michael Schumacher, Kings 2011 draft pick (200th overall), will be playing for Owen Sound...

Kings Reserve List - July, 2011 [UPDATED: Lewis/Elkins/etc.]


Lewis and Richardson have signed two year deals. All the Manchester RFAs except Elkins and Holloway signed one year extensions. Holloway is presumably still negotiating. Elkins -- according to...

Kings' All-Time PTS/G


I was going to do a post on Ryan Smyth's numbers during his 161 games with the Kings, but I think this is better: a chart showing PPG for every player ever to play 25 or more games for the Kings....

Random Thoughts on the Kings' 50-Contract Limit


As you probably know, each NHL team has a limit of 50 SPCs (standard player contracts) it can carry at any one time. Players under contract who are playing in Europe (e.g. Oscar Moller, starting...

Kings Depth Chart (3): Bottom-six Wingers


Right Wings (Wayne Simmonds) -- obviously, Simmonds will get a new contract and continue at RW3.  Kevin Westgarth -- yes, he did well(-ish) in the playoffs, but I don't know if that justifies...

Kings Depth Chart (2): Bottom Six Centers


Here's the same (as the last post) little map of the lines and "boxes" for the forwards: Penner/Smyth - Kopitar - Williams/Brown Smyth/Penner - C2 - Brown/Williams LW3 - C3 - Simmonds LW4 - C4 -...

Player grades are silly, but here they are anyway


Report cards: Who graded the best? " LA Kings Insider The Kings player evaluations for 2010-11 are complete, and each of the polls had well over 1,000 votes, with several topping 2,000, so that’s...

2010-2011 Kings Final Stats [sortable chart fun]


Player G/60 P/60 last GF/60 GA/60 +-/60 last QC last change QT last change OZ% last Scott Parse 1.00 4.01 2.34 6.01 1.00 5.01 1.37 -0.025 -0.054 0.029 0.488 -0.042 0.530 42.9% 5...