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World Cup 2014 betting: odds on Ecuador to win, Group E predictions

Ecuador may be the first South American out of World Cup 2014 as they have long odds to win Group E and longer odds to win the tournament.

Charlie Crowhurst

Ecuador may be the odd team out in South America, as they have the worst odds from the continent to win the World Cup and have the third worst odds to win their group.

That does not say much about how strong they are since they are playing in one of the weaker groups.

The squad has a decent midfield, but the death of Chucho Benitez was a big blow.

Ecuador Odds to win World Cup 2014: +12500
Ecuador Odds to win Group E: +400

Ecuador did play to a 1-1 draw against Holland and a win over Australia in a couple of World Cup tune ups, but then drew against Honduras, who they will be playing in the group stage this summer.

The squad plays a very up-tempo style play and they have a good counter-attack, but they do not play a team game and that may hurt them in matches facing France and Switzerland in group play.

World Cup Prediction for Ecuador

With strong wing and cross-ball play, Ecuador may give some fits to the teams in the group, but with their lack of team soccer, France and Switzerland will really dominate the midfield. That will the key in those matches, hence the 4-1 long-shot odds for Ecuador to win Group E.

The squad has a good chance to beat Honduras, but they will lose when they face the Swiss and the French. Ecuador will not have a chance to equal their best World Cup showing, which was in 2006 when they advanced to the round of 16.

How Ecuador got to the World Cup

OK, so Ecuador is playing on their home continent, but they qualified because of their solid home record and did not have one win away from home.

They did beat Chile and Uruguay, who are both playing this summer, at home. But overall, they had a record of just three wins, four losses and four draws.

Ecuador only had one win in their last six qualifying matches and it is no surprise they have long shot World Cup betting odds to win it all.

World Cup Qualifying Results

11/09/12 Uruguay 1 - 1 Ecuador

12/10/12 Ecuador 3 - 1 Chile

17/10/12 Venezuela 1 - 1 Ecuador

26/03/13 Ecuador 4 - 1 Paraguay

08/06/13 Peru 1 - 0 Ecuador

11/06/13 Ecuador 1 - 1 Argentina

07/09/13 Colombia 1 - 0 Ecuador

10/09/13 Bolivia 1 - 1 Ecuador

11/10/13 Ecuador 1 - 0 Uruguay

16/10/13 Chile 2 - 1 Ecuador

World Cup Group Play Schedule

15/06/14 Switzerland vs. Ecuador - Nacional

20/06/14 Honduras vs. Ecuador - Arena da Baixada

25/06/14 Ecuador vs. France - Estadio do Maracanã

Team Key Players

Felipe Caicedo Lokomotiv Moscow FW - Since moving to Lokomotiv from Manchester City the big striker has revitalized his career and will be the key to the attack and especially on the aerial attack.

Edison Mendez MF LDU Quito - Ecuador is solid on the long ball in the air scoring many headers in qualifying and this MF is an attacking one and specializes in free kicks.

Antonio Valencia MF Manchester United - He will have to play well on both sides of the pitch even though his strengths lie in the attack.