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World Cup 2014 betting: odds on Spain to win Group B, predictions

Spain is the defending champion but not the World Cup 2014 favorite. They are favored to win a very tough Group B however.

David Ramos

Spain is the defending World Cup champion, has the best betting odds to win their tough group, and they have the fourth best overall odds to win the tournament.

Their squad is littered with world-class players and the team may have be the best midfield in the world. They went unbeaten in World Cup qualifying and they have the best ball control of any team playing this summer.

The team is not as young as they were in 2010 and in the 2013 Confederations Cup the team did make the finals, but did not look great in a 0-0 win on penalties in the semifinals against Italy and a 3-0 loss to Brazil in the final.

Spain Odds to win World Cup 2014: +650
Spain Odds to win Group B: -138

While the offense for Spain is a good one it is not a dynamic one even though their whole team can push forward on the attack and score. In their last five World Cup tune-ups they had four wins and one draw, but while they beat Italy that was their only friendly match facing a top-tier squad.

Spain is playing in Group D this summer along with Holland, who they beat in the 2010 World Cup finale, Chile, and Australia.

World Cup Prediction for Spain

Spain has their big match in their first one facing Holland and while each of the teams may not be as good as they were four years ago it is a killer match up.

Spain has the better defense and midfield and like the 2010 final it will be a low scoring encounter that Spain will win. Chile is a good team, but Spain will win and Australia simple has no chance.

If the favorites line up Spain has a tough road to the finals, as they may have to face Italy and Argentina after the round of 16. They will make it to the final, but they will not make history and become the first team to repeat, as they will lose to host Brazil.

How Spain got to the World Cup

Spain did not have a loss in the World Cup qualification process with eight wins and two draws. One concern for the squad is protecting a lead as in their only two draws (both at home), they allowed France and Finland to come back and get a point.

In qualifying they had solid wins over France and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The defense came up big, as in the 10 matches they had five clean sheets including three in their last four matches.

World Cup Qualifying Results

11/09/12 Georgia 0 - 1 Spain

12/10/12 Belarus 0 - 4 Spain

16/10/12 Spain 1 - 1 France

22/03/13 Spain 1 - 1 Finland

26/03/13 France 0 - 1 Spain

06/09/13 Finland 0 - 2 Spain

11/10/13 Spain 2 - 1 Belarus

15/10/13 Spain 2 - 0 Georgia

World Cup Group Play Schedule

13/06/14 Spain vs. Netherlands - Arena Fonte Nova

18/06/14 Spain vs. Chile - Estadio do Maracana

23/06/14 Australia vs. Spain - Arena da Baixada

Team Key Players

Andres Iniesta MF Barcelona - One of the premier midfielders in the world and is great at the ball control and a great attacker as well.

Cesc Fabregas MF Barcelona - Another great ball control attacking midfielder, which Spain has several of on the squad.

Gerard Pique DF Barcelona - Has been injured in the season, but is healthy and the anchor of the great defense.