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AL and NL MVP odds 2016: Kris Bryant and Mike Trout are pegged as favorites on betting props

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Coming out of the All-Star break, Kris Bryant and Mike Trout lead the contenders on the odds to win league MVP awards at the sportsbooks.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kris Bryant leads the National League in home runs, and teammate Anthony Rizzo isn't far behind. With a comfortable lead in the NL Central, the Cubs could be in line to produce their first MVP since Sammy Sosa won the award in 1998.

Bryant is the favorite to win National League MVP at +275 at sportsbooks monitored by Anthony Rizzo is going off at +500 to win the award, and these two teammates may end up splitting votes as the two top contributors on the World Series favorites.

Another pair of teammates in the running for the NL MVP award are Bryce Harper (+450) and Daniel Murphy (+900). Harper is one of the most feared hitters in baseball, as indicated by his league-leading walk total, and is unquestionably the leader of the Washington Nationals' offense. But by the numbers, Murphy has had a more productive season, batting .350 and compiling more runs and RBI than Harper.

Other contenders in the National League include Nolan Arenado (+300), Clayton Kershaw (+500), Yoenis Cespedes (+2500), Paul Goldschmidt (+2500), and Giancarlo Stanton (+3300)

Advanced stat fans consider the Wins Above Replacement (WAR) stat to be the best indicator of how valuable a player is to his team. Two players in baseball are clearly above the rest in this category with Los Angeles' Mike Trout scoring a 5.7 WAR and Josh Donaldson scoring a 5.76 WAR (Baseball Reference).

Not surprisingly, these two players are the favorites to win the AL MVP, with Trout going off at +350 and Donaldson going off at +375. Donaldson has more runs, home runs, and RBI than Trout, but Trout holds the edge in stolen bases and batting average. Donaldson's current numbers may be more statistically impressive, but his supporting cast is also substantially stronger than Trout's, which could sway some voters toward the current favorite.

Four Boston Red Sox are in contention for the American League MVP award in David Ortiz (+600), Mookie Betts (+1200), Xander Bogaerts (+1600) and Jackie Bradley Jr. (+2500). Rounding out the contenders are Jose Altuve (+500), Manny Machado (+550), Robinson Cano (+600), Miguel Cabrera (+2500) and Nelson Cruz (+2500).