Look at Shaq's awful foot

The ugliest thing you thought you were going to see was that first half of basketball by the Celtics, but you could not have been more wrong.

Shaquille O’Neal whipped out his foot during the halftime show on TNT, and you can see the years of NBA experience on those feet.

If that’s not enough for you, SB Nation’s own Clay Wendler put the photo in high contrast so you can see all the juicy (er, it’s really dry but whatever) detail!

That troll-looking foot isn’t uncommon for basketball players. Under the fabric of those smooth Nike and Adidas sneakers players are wearing on the floor, there are abused feet.

As somebody who has played extensive pickup basketball in his younger days, I can tell you it does damage to your feet. Shaq played 18 NBA seasons. I would hate to know what that would have done to my wheels if I had that type of NBA experience.

I hope you weren’t eating while reading this post.


Should slap an NC-17 on this...

That shit is scary af

The new diet plan for sports fans. Get a load of these pics right before dinner. If that doesn’t kill your appetite…

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