This funeral celebrated a Celtics fan’s life by having him play ‘NBA2K’ in a Kyrie Irving jersey

Renard Matthews was a New Orleans 18-year-old who loved video games, junk food, and the Boston Celtics. So when his life was tragically cut short in a shooting June 26, his family found the perfect way to celebrate his time on the planet: by remembering him the way he’ll live on in their hearts.

Matthews’ wake eschewed a traditional casket for a more familiar setup. The young man was front and center, reclining in a chair in front of an entertainment center. He wore sunglasses, Kyrie Irving’s No. 11 alternate home Celtics jersey, and even a pair of Irving socks. There was a Playstation 4 controller in his hand, giving way to the action on the screen; an NBA 2K showdown being autoplayed between the Golden State Warriors and his Celtics. Beside him, snacks ranging from cereal to nacho cheese Doritos to a bottle of Barq’s root beer put the finishing touches on the scene.

via WGNO

It’s not the first time a sports fan has been feted in death the way he or she lived. Parkland High School shooting victim Joaquin Oliver was buried in his favorite Dwyane Wade jersey. In 2013, dedicated Washington fan Mark Lindamond was laid to rest wearing a Robert Griffin III jersey.

Matthews’ wake may have gone a bit deeper with its staging, but it was a loving tribute to a son whose life ended entirely too soon. Sunday’s showing was an opportunity for the people who cared about him to see him in his favorite spot one last time before saying goodbye.

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