Cam Newton heard about an early Halloween party for a boy with cancer, so he showed up with an ice cream truck

Cam Newton is no stranger to reaching out and helping kids. The Carolina Panthers quarterback has bought Christmas presents for underprivileged children, each year he funds the Boys & Girls Club holiday party in Charlotte and on Friday night he helped make a September night unforgettable for one little boy.

Ten-year-old Elijah Hughes loves Halloween. It's his favorite holiday. He is also battling a rare form of cancer, and doctors are unsure if he'll make it to Oct. 31. A community rallied around the little boy, and on Friday night they held Halloween early. Elijah dressed like The Joker, dozens of children joined him in wearing their costumes early -- and there was one surprise guest.

Cam Newton had heard about the party, and not only did the NFL quarterback make an appearance, he brought an ice cream truck and brownies. Then he spent the evening with the kids and helped make everyone forget why they were there -- which is everything.

What does a superhero look like? It's not kids in costume on Halloween, or an NFL quarterback front-flipping into the end zone -- it's a person who traveled an hour from their house to help brighten and uplift a community during a difficult time.

(h/t WCNC)

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