This is how the world found out about the Chris Sale jersey incident

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The story you’re about to read is bizarre, but it’s been confirmed by several baseball writers, including Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Passan. It all started with Chris Sale being scratched from his scheduled start against the Tigers yesterday. That’s all anyone knew, so of course the #hugwatch was on. Then, there was an unconfirmed report that Sale was being scratched due to the flu. Whew. That’s okay, right? It’s just the flu! But then apparently... it wasn’t. The White Sox released a statement that Sale wasn’t just scratched, but he’d been sent home from the ballpark due to a non-physical "clubhouse incident." You can imagine the speculation, right? But the White Sox weren’t saying anything until their internal investigation was finished. (True to their word, they still haven’t commented about — or confirmed — what you’re about to read.)

This is where the story actually gets bizarre, if you can believe it. Because everything that came before this wasn’t bizarre enough. There started to be reports that Sale’s clubhouse incident was a "temper tantrum," and his behavior "forced" the White Sox to send him home. Then, a bombshell. Tommy Stokke of FanRag Sports reported that Sale didn’t want to wear the jerseys that day, which were throwbacks, so he cut them up. Not just his, but everyone’s. Julie DiCaro also reported that the uniforms were cut, and added that Sale’s dispute was specifically about the collar of the jersey. This seemed so out of the blue, and so utterly, thoroughly strange that it didn’t seem like it could be true. Someone had to be playing a little trade deadline joke on everyone.

It would have been a funny joke if it had been one. But both Jeff Passan and Ken Rosenthal confirmed the earlier story via their own sources, that the White Sox had sent Chris Sale home after he cut up the team’s 1976 navy blue throwback jerseys. Rosenthal’s source reported that Sale had asked that the team not wear them that day, as he’d chosen the jersey for all his other starts (just like every White Sox starter does). But yesterday’s jersey was on the team’s public schedule, and it was tied to a giveaway, and the White Sox brass wouldn’t change it. Upset that their giveaway tie-in mattered more than "winning," Sale cut up the jerseys while the team was taking batting practice. Not with scissors, but with a knife. And to twist their own knife, the White Sox passed out those jerseys to everyone in the press box. Truth be told, the similar uniforms they wore last year weren’t all that attractive, and the collars are super weird. But as South Side Sox pointed out, Sale has kind of a history of, well, intense behavior. And taking a blade to uniforms that you don’t like is pretty intense. And honestly, kind of scary. No one involved in this looks good, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a quick resolution ahead. Unless, of course, the Sox actually trade him.


I went to Whitesox tickets to see what kinda promotion Saturday’s game is / was. LINK

The promotion is "Family Sundays". Click that word on the page to see this pop-up.

Question…. If they planned on using the blue uniforms that Sale chopped up, why does this promotion photo show the uniforms they actually ended up wearing?

Crap… That’s July 24th Sunday. Today. If there was a July 23rd, Saturday promotion on the web page, the calendar won’t let me see yesterday…. Won’t show any date that has already passed.

Here’s another upcoming Saturday.

Sat, Aug 6
6:10 pm Orioles

Buy TicketsWhite Sox Retro Batting Practice Pullover
Presented By Coca-Cola | First 20,000 fans

And it does look like the uniform that got cut up…

Those were horrible jerseys

Someone had to take a stand against fashion crimes, and Chris Sale is that hero.

The different uniforms have gotten out of control.

How many games a year do they have to pull these stunts. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, July fourth. How many more? I understand, you make that kind of money you better perform even if you wear a diaper, however, ball players are creatures of habit. You don’t mess with a streak. Just really sick of all the money and marketing and pink or whatever color ball caps completely unrelated to the colors of the team.

That's true,

ballplayers are creatures of habit. But right now their habits have taken them down to 4th place and 10 games back. So maybe they should shake it up a little. It might be time for Sale to put his big boy pants on and just pitch. There’s a fine line from being a fiery competitor and being an asshole. And he is tip toeing all around that line.

I don't have an issue with him being unhappy about wearing the uniforms

What a baby though. That’s a kindergarten type move to cut up the jerseys, especially other players. He’s made himself look pretty dumb on numerous occasions. This is a very bad look for him.

Suspended 5 days.

No Arrieta/Sale match-up this year. Oh well.

Rosenthal’s source reported that Sale had asked that the team not wear them that day, as he’d chosen the jersey for all his other starts (just like every White Sox starter does).

I’m unfamiliar with the White Sox’s traditions and practices (as well as baseball’s on the whole, as well), so, is this an actual practice of theirs? Or is this sarcasm meant to highlight the silliness of such a routine?

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