Francisco Lindor shaved his head after losing a bet to his high school baseball team

A few months ago, Francisco Lindor made a bet with his high school’s baseball team that if they went undefeated he would shave his head. Which is no small bet considering how Lindor’s hair is sort of a signature for him. Besides just looking really good.

That high school team — from Montverde Academy in Florida — went 25-0 though, which meant that Lindor had to get the clippers out and keep his promise. The Indians had an off day on Thursday so Lindor casually stopped by his old school and let the team do it themselves.

The kids were really excited to meet him, and even more excited to get their hands on those cutters to take some of that hair off his head. Lindor deserves so much credit for letting high schoolers shave his hair. Now that’s fully committing to a bet.

Lindor posted the results on Instagram, saying “When you loose (sic) a bet to your high school team and you gotta shave #25-0 #ShaveMyHead #EndResult”

He looks pretty good! It will take some getting used to since his old hair was so stylish but the nice thing about hair is that it grows back.

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