A glossary of 142 terrible nicknames people on Twitter have for LeBron James

Here is a fun fact about basketball player LeBron James: His name starts with the prefix "Le," which is French for "the." It's true!

For a variety of reasons, some people don't like LeBron James. Some of these people have found a particularly effective way of expressing their distaste for him. They take whatever insult they want to say about LeBron James, and then they put a "Le" in front of it. It does not matter if this word shares letters or sounds with "LeBron," has the same amount of syllables as "LeBron," or really in any way, shape, or form resembles the word "LeBron." As long as there's a "Le," these people figure they have made an insightful, clever joke about LeBron James.

We spent several hours searching Twitter for every combination of "Le" and random negative words we thought people might put next to LeBron James' name. About 90 percent of the time, somebody on the internet had actually used that dumb insult. The stupider we got, the more people had actually used the insult we assumed nobody would be dumb enough to use.

This glossary is the result. We tried to find tweets where people earnestly used the insult rather than tweets where it was included as a joke or part of a list. We generally found several examples for each term, but for brevity's sake, we only included two or three per insult. We try not to put racist and homophobic hate speech on our website, so we excluded LeBron insults that crossed that boundary, but we promise you, "Le[OFFENSIVE TERM]" is also out there. We tried to put this in alphabetical order, but about 100 insults in, we gave up.

LeActress James

LeArrogant James

LeAss James

LeAsshole James

LeBald James

LeBaby James

LeBad James

LeBallhog James

LeBarf James

LeBench James

LeBawl James

LeBenedict James

LeBland james

LeBogus James

LeBoner James

LeBonehead James

LeBoob James

LeBooger James

LeBrat James

LeBrick James

LeBum James

LeBurp James

LeBust James

LeButt James

LeButthole James

LeChicken James

LeChode James

LeChoke James

LeCoward James

LeCrap James

LeCramp James

LeCrybaby James

LeDork James

LeDumb James

LeDummy James

LeESPN James

LeFail James

LeFlake James

LeFlop James

LeFoul James

LeFraud James

LeGirl James

LeHype James

LeJerk James

LePiss James

LeSuck James

LeTrash James

LeFake James

LeJackass James

LeBozo James

LeCheat James

LeClown James

LeCock James

LeComplain James

LeCrabDribble James

LeDick James

LeDevil James

LeDirt James

LeDiva James

LeDouche James

LeDunce James

LeEgo James

LeFart James

LeFool James

LeFraud James

LeFuckboy James

LeGarbage James

LeGirl James

LeGoon James

LeHairline James

LeHerb James

LeHGH James

LeHorrible James

LeIdiot James

LeJoke James

LeJudas James

LeKnob James

LeLoser James

LeMoron James

LeNoHair James

LeNope James

LeNoRings James

LeOneRing James

LePoop James

LePuke James

LeSatan James

LeSteroid James

LeLeave James

LeLoss James

LeMiss James

LeNobody James

LeOld James

LeOverrated James

LePenis James

LePunk James

LeQueef James

LeQuitter James

LeRat James

LeSellout James

LeRun James

LeScared James

LeSelfish James

LeShart James

LeSissy James

LeSnake James

LeSoft James

LeSorry James

LeStink James

LeStupid James

LeSuck James

LeTaint James

LeTerrible James

LeThug James

LeToilet James

LeTool James

LeTraitor James

LeTravel James

LeTurd James

LeTurnover James

LeUgly James

LeVag James

LeVagina James

LeVomit James

LeWalk James

LeWanker James

LeWashed James

LeWeak James

LeWeep James

LeWhiner James

LeWimp James

LeWuss James

LeYawn James

LeZero James

LeScam James

LeDump James

LePrincess James

LeFrail James

LePeasant James

LeWeasel James

LeJester James

* * *

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@oracle gif me LeBitch James

Wow that gif is hilarious

He just runs up like a g and jumps on calmly to save the day

The best part is the dude that bails

very entertaining... but this is one of the reasons I don't have twitter

ah, human beings on Twitter. the fastest way to tell someone is a bitter, immature "hater" (I hate that word) is when they use the "Le[whatever]" nonsense. I get why some people don’t like Lebron. but "don’t like" pales in comparison to the seemingly very personal hate. it’s crazy. although he’s not my favorite (although I’m sure someone will be sure to tell me that he is, or mention Lebron’s balls and my supposed affinity for them in some way), I do enjoy watching him and respect his game, in the same way I enjoy and respect Curry or Duncan or Brow. yeah, I’ve spilled a significant amount of digital ink talking about him, but he’s the most talked about athlete maybe ever. (the Paul George articles I comment on don’t really get 200+ comments haha) The amount of irrational hate he gets is astounding. it’s a phenomenon, really (a lebronenon?).

social media has given rise to this incredible instant hate machine. I can only imagine the perception of other players if Twitter would’ve existed for all or most of their careers. anyone remember Kobe’s rap album? (one song starts with "my mic is a glock 9"… that would surely have been crucified on social media haha) or KGs fake tough guy act? hell, we’re already starting to see some kickback against Curry, even though he’s essentially a choir boy.

the best from above:

-the kid saying "I won’t welcome LeBenedict back to Cleveland" while his pic is him wearing a Lebron cavs jersey.

-any of them saying he "isn’t even a good player."

-LeSatan, just because that’s hilarious.

-LeThug (never had off court trouble, ever)

-any hairline joke. do they know why MJ (or Kobe… seriously look at Kobe’s fivehead circa 2002) started shaving his head?

anyhow, I’m sure this comment section will be a beacon of maturity and logical basketball discussion.

And, of course, the obligatory supercilious "adult" gazing loftily down at the immature peons and sharing his/her sadness at their behavior.

Can’t be a blog without at least one of them.

"Gazing loftily down at the immature peons" describes your comment better than his tbh. No love for LeBron but surely we can all agree that these nicknames are hilariously dumb lol


you didn’t like my musings on the general ugliness of social media. I didn’t realize that thinking childish insults on Twitter based on fart noises and the word "bitch" were immature somehow made me supercilious. I assumed the stance of "Twitter is dumb and ugly" wasn’t that radical.

do you see the humor in using "supercilious" in an attempt to criticize someone else for arrogance? (not to mention the grammar/spelling corrections contained in your own signature)

Point of contention

While I don’t agree with the sentiment, the following are actually great nicknames;


Absolutely hilarious

My personal faves:


I've always been partial to LeChoke

LeBrontosaurus James

It's LeJon Brames

Great work, ha

This list is so ridiculously long—I’m impressed! I’ve been keeping track of the ones I see here on SBNation. Here you go.


my favorite

it’s LeBronda. its like his female alter ego, like if he was in that commercial with Chris Paul, DJ, Love and Lillard.

leBronze sounds like a French tanning bed product.

Haha yeah

It’s absolutely true that they are not all equal. Some actually make me laugh. The lack of creativity of most of them is pretty pathetic though. I mean, c’mon. LeVagina? You serious?

this is also useful for people who want to insult Obama and are idiots

FORMULA: O + [literally any combination of text you want]

come and take my guns, O-pizza
O-cactus is a Muslim, didn’t you know
why does O-Wannstedt want to take my money and give it to the poor

LeSBNation.com James


best article EVER !


you do realize

that they’re making fun of irrational anti-lebroners like yourself, correct?


go find yourself a girl or something to do with your low life instead of trolling all my posts. last time i tell you this.

damn dude

chill out. just asking if you realized the irony. it’s an online forum… people are going to sometimes respond to your comments. thanks for being concerned over my relationship status though.

You do realize

your knots seem to be tied just a little too tight?

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