Bing Bong, the Knicks’ new rallying cry, explained

“Bing bong.”

No, it’s not what your mom calls TikTok by mistake. The phrase is the new rallying crying for the resurgent New York Knicks with the team competing at the top of the Eastern Conference to start the new season.

You can find “bing bong” all over social media at the moment. The Knicks’ official account has used it to celebrate big dunks, Knicks players have used it after victories, and a Knicks opponent used it to taunt them after New York its first loss. “Bing bong” has even been on the cover of local newspapers.

How did this start? What does it mean? It’s all goes back to a viral video after the Knicks’ season-opening double overtime victory against the Boston Celtics.

As a hyped crowd exited Madison Square Garden after the victory, Side Talk NYC — self-described as “New York’s one-minute street show” — put a camera on Knicks fans celebrating after the win. The video — which has already been viewed more than 5.5 million times, with more than 35K shares — includes several hilarious reactions, including one where I guy looks into the camera and says “bing bong.”

That’s right. Bing bong.

bing bong

The video was immediately embraced by Knicks fans. There are so many great lines in that video, but “bing bong” is proving to be the phrase with staying power.

Everywhere you looked on social media: “bing bong.”

bing bong

The Knicks tweeted it from their official account the next day:

New shooting guard Evan Fournier tweeted it out after the Knicks beat the Philadelphia 76ers:

It was on the front page of the New York Daily News, too:

When the Magic gave the Knicks their first loss of the season, they bing bonged the Knicks in combination with another classic guy from the video:

Jordie Bloom is the 26-year-old who said “bing bong” on the video. Bloom recognized the Side Talk NYC camera and said “bing bong,” because every Side Talk video begins with the sound. It’s the sound the New York subway makes when the doors open.

This has already been a whirlwind experience for Bloom:

“Some kid came up to me [on the street] and gave me the biggest hug and said, ‘The Knicks are going to do great things this year strictly because of you,’ and I was like, ‘That’s unnecessarily true, but I love you bro,’” Bloom recalled. “It was a great feeling.”

“I went from a guy that’s trying to figure out what he’s doing with himself in life, in 24 hours to being… welcomed into the Knicks circle,” he said.

Yes, the Bing Bong Guy is on Twitter, and he’s selling shirts.

Not everyone is happy to keep seeing the phrase.

Personally, I hope this line from the video isn’t forgotten either.

bing bong

The Knicks are good this year. You probably won’t stop hearing bing bong anytime soon.

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