2013 NFL Draft: How accurate are the experts? Mel Kiper, Jr. among the best

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As Oprah Winfrey was never quoted as saying: "You've got a mock draft! And YOU've got a mock draft! And EVERYONE'S got a mock draft!"

If you follow the National Football League, you've more than likely looked at your share of mock drafts, and in recent years, everyone with a keyboard has drawn one (or more) up. From newspaper writers, to guys and gals on a team's beat, and bloggers across the Internet... There is no shortage of projections and draft boards and scouting reports.

There is also no shortage of opinions on said mock drafts. From the self-proclaimed experts, to those who get paid a nice salary for their projections, one thing is for certain: There is mock-ery galore.

One of the most polarizing names in the mock game is Mel Kiper, Jr. For nearly 30 years, Kiper has provided analysis and opinion on one of the biggest events in the NFL, and for some reason, fans love to hate him.

But is Kiper deserving of criticism? He is, after all, considered by many to be the most prolific expert in his field, so why all the hate?

We looked at some stats, provided by The Huddle Report, and here is how Kiper stacks up to other mockers:

In the last five years, Kiper ranks 4th among his peers, just behind Jason Boris (Times News), Robby Esch (The Huddle Report), and Al Fronczak (East Coast Sports News), and just ahead of Mocking the Draft's own Dan Kadar.

Accuracy of an NFL mock draft can be uprooted by a single trade or one unforeseen pick, but that's not to underscore months of research and analysis.

For a recent comparison, Blogging the Beast took a look at Mel Kiper's original draft board of both 2012 and 2013, and a lot of flip-flopping can be found. Is that to say that Kiper is a bonehead who just throws darts and hopes to hit a bullseye every now and then? Of course not. His accuracy can be found in the numbers.

Love him or hate him, Kiper has always been one of the best in the business, and at the end of the day, his analysis is to be taken seriously. He is an expert, and will tell you that if you give him the opportunity.


How can you have a mock draft without Tim Tebow smdh

Too bad I'll never see it

Thanks ESPN Insider! Totally killing it with that antiquated business model of yours!

True but not complete

You also won’t get the huddle report. At least ESPN offers more than just draft coverage with the Insider.

Rather than be judged on exact picks they made correctly they should be evaluated on if they projected a player in the correct round or within a range of picks.

I think that would be a better measurement to judge their scouting and analytical skills.

*Click the links*

I believe Kiper gets more "hate" because he is more known....smug, arrogant, and RICH

Rich doing what we do for fun. He gets paid to do what we do for free.

Is is right more than us? maybe not, but it sure helps us be right if we know what him and other experts think.

I read what Dan and Matthew post, and Tony Pauline, Russ Lande, and Rob Rang more than McShay and Kiper because I don’t pay for sports information… not fantasy football or draft news.

These “experts” see certain games live, talk to NFL scouts, GMs, and coaches, and often get to look a player in the eye. Their information is very valuable.

There are over 100 teams playing major college football, each with over 40 players who are either Seniors or draft-eligible Juniors/Sophomores.

That is alot to keep up with!

However, I also watch an abnormal amount of football. (not abnormal for people who are active on this site, but abnormal for the general fan) and I frequently disagree with the experts.

For three years I have posted my 10 players I love more than you and 10 players I hate more than you, for this very reason.

This year, I believe the QB class is underrated, and the WR class is overrated.

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