Fox Sports secures Bundesliga's USA television rights beginning 2015-2016

Alexander Hassenstein

The Deutsche Fußball League and 21st Century Fox have reached a massive global media rights deal beginning in the 2015-2016 season that will make the German league available to "hundreds of millions" of fans across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The length of the contract is five years in the Americas and Asia and two years in Europe.

The deal includes over 80 countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Japan, and more. Beginning in the 2015-16 season, the deal includes all 306 Bundesliga matches, DFL Supercup, and Bundesliga Relegation Playoffs. Fox is also obtaining exclusive rights to the Bundesliga's digital distribution rights including online television services and mobile.

James Murdoch, Deputy COO of 21st Century Fox:

"Both on and off the pitch, the Bundesliga has grown to become one of the preeminent soccer leagues in the world. We look forward to partnering with the DFL over the next five years to leverage our unrivaled global portfolio of sports channels to bolster the Bundesliga brand in every corner of the globe."

Christian Seifert, CEO of DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga:

"These agreements confirm that the Bundesliga has legitimately evolved to become a top international sports media property. 21st Century Fox is a global-scale partner that provides German soccer opportunities for worldwide exposure and future growth. We welcome these agreements as an expression of faith in the Bundesliga's continued development over the coming years."

For those of us in America, the announcement comes as a godsend. Since beIN Sport signed the rights for Spain's La Liga and Italy's Serie A away from Gol TV, fans of the Bundesliga have seen the channel disappear from cable system after cable system in this country. The games will be more readily available on Fox's Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Soccer Plus, and Fox Soccer 2 Go. Plus, we may even see a few games on Fox's mothership.

The star of the Bundesliga has risen over the last few years on the back of the success achieved by Bayern Munich and to a lesser extend Borussia Dortmund; however, the league is plush with talent and is one of if not the most exciting and entertaining league in the world. The exposure given to other clubs such as Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen, Hannover 96, Borussia Mönchengladbach and others will help elevate the league to even greater heights around the world.

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Yes yes

A million times yes.


I’ve been waiting for this news ever since GolTV lost La Liga rights to beIn, and Fox lost the EPL to NBC.

ESPN was my other option, no idea whether they were in on the bidding.

I am giddy like a little school girl!

I'm with you

I can’t believe there will actually be BL games on mainstream TV in the US. My Father and I have been waiting 35 yrs. (since I’ve been old enough to play/watch) for this to happen. World Cup coverage on ESPN back in the 90’s was a big deal…. this is huge!!!

2nd Division means 1860 games will even be on!!! totally unbelievable!

I haven't seen the 2. BL mentioned anywhere

Are you assuming that it’s part of the package, or did you read that somewhere?

The deal is with the DFL

So 2.Bundesliga is a part of the package. In addition, it gets Fox access to everything including all of the domestic Sky Bundesliga coverage that the DFL has partnered with and the digital distribution rights.

Fox is basically hitting the ground running with everything that the DFL already owns and are just a distribution mechanism. I bet very little of their coverage will be Fox in house and most will the DFL domestic coverage just repackaged.

Here’s Fox’s article

Unfortunately, from everything that I’ve read, it’s just the 1.Bundesliga.

The deal, which will take effect with the 2015-‘16 season, includes rights to all 306 Bundesliga matches each year, as well as the DFL-Supercup and the Bundesliga Relegation Playoffs.

The “all 306 Bundesliga matches” would mean only the top flight. was the one running the story saying it's both 1 and 2 with no source, so roll your eyes

However, 2. Bundesliga rights are basically worthless without the main Bundesliga rights and given the revenue sharing provisions for the second division in the DFL from media rights, it would make sense that they are also part of the package.

In the US, 2. BL is worthless either way

No offense, but who watches any lower division football (other than specific fans of a team)?

EPL is hugely popular, but does anyone watched the next level down?

beIN Sport actually frequently shows Championship matches

not that I

can think of, unless maybe it is a FA Cup match between and upper division side and a lower one.

I agree with Grudnik

Maybe not “worthless” but definitely “inconsequential”


maybe I’m imagining things… I really thought that I read that specified, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it.


I never thought Murdoch would do it… I really thought they would continue to put the BL down in favor of the EPL.

The guys not stupid though… he knows where the money is.

And, the rest of the world has Bayern (and BVB) to thank for bringing a fresh look to world of sport. Without their recent success, I don’t think we’d be seeing this happen.

Maybe we even have to give Klinsi some credit for opening peoples eyes in the North American market to the abundance of young exciting players in the BL.

2015 seems like a long time to wait though…

Almost 2 seasons

It will be tough, but totally worth it.

Even if they use Gus Johnson (or whatever his name is), hopefully he will have learned about football by then.

I mean….

They could have a dog barking in the booth and I’d be fine as long as it was actually on TV. haha.

LOL! Agree!

I am hoping

that Gus will be gone by then and that FOX will bring in some better talent for the booth.


this put fox back in the game and gives NBC and EPL computation on Saturdays in the states

I’m pretty excited about Bundesliga coming to Fox after the deal with Gol TV is up

So... Is it 2015 yet?!? And who won the World Cup?

If by

chance Germany wins the World Cup this summer, then this move by FOX is way ahead of the curve.

It was

something that was really needed and long over due in my book. I just hope that FOX gives it the 100% effort that the Bundesliga deserves. I wonder if our friends up in Canada will be helped by this move?

or if

it will be something they have to pay extra for???


I’m still skeptical now though as Fox has already dropped it’s Fox Soccer channel for FXX (a movie channel). Had they kept that channel, the coverage probably would have been great, but now that they are still trying channel all the american sports through their Sports channels that I’m wondering what kind of time and resources will ulimately be dedicated to the Bundesliga.

Still, I’m rejoicing that this is happening as GolTV has disappeared like you said… but how many matches per week will be carried? Any spotlight shows? Who are the commentators… please god, please don’t let it be Gus Johnson…. Still a lot of questions to be answered for me to be totally satisfied.

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