Antoine Griezmann wore a racist costume to a party

Here’s a terrible photo of soccer star Antoine Griezmann in not just blackface, but makeup covering his entire body. He posted the picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts before eventually deleting about an hour later.

Somehow, none of the people close to Griezmann — who plays for Atlético Madrid in Spain’s La Liga — were able to figure out that this costume is racist and talk him out of it.

Griezmann saw some of the backlash and, instead of deleting his tweet, defended his costume. This tweet was deleted about 15 minutes after it was posted.

“Calm down guys,” Griezmann says in the tweet, “I'm fan of the Harlem Globetrotters and this beautiful time... it's a tribute.”

In case it isn’t entirely obvious why no one ever needs to do this:

And in case it isn’t entirely obvious why Griezmann’s costume is offensive, here’s an explanation from Vox.


Well, if he was gonna

fuck up, at least he went all in.

Calm down

As hard as it might be for some of you to believe, the World doesn’t revolve around Amurika.

French people (and probably Europeans in general) don’t have the same history with slavery as Americans do. Blackface shows were not nearly as prevalent (if they even existed) as in America. And certainly not on prime time TV in the late 20th century.

I’m not saying that Griezmann costume was in good taste but it doesn’t come from a bad place either. Viewed from the States it might come across as ignorant (at best) but cultural contexts are completely different.

Point well taken

But if he’s well-versed enough in our culture to wear the costume he surely knows the harm in portraying such a character

Watching the NBA, the NFL or even the Cosby Show from France doesn’t make one an expert in the Jim Crow, segregationist era of American history or in the struggle of African Americans.

It’s like saying that any Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan fan should be well versed in Chinese politics/history.

The harm is just in your very specific 'mentally-obsessed-with-racism' mind.

Don't be paranoid. Just think about this fact: all people around you are not 'mean'.

It's a p good costume tho

Ah, a volunteer

For the "Get kicked in the crotch for wearing blackface" idea. Let me get my boots.

Actually, it's not racist because people who call things racist are the real racists. This is the PC police's dumbest outrage tantrum since they forced Led Zeppelin to change the name of "Thumpity Viking Screaming Song" to "Immigrant Song."

Is this article for real???

Kevin McCauley, you do not get to sprew your ignorant propaganda around like this.

How dare you judge a man in this way with the limited knowledge you clearly have?

There is nothing racist about what Griezmann did, and this article only informs about how little you know about culture and history. Even the link to what you consider an explanation is so stupid and ill-informed, it’s critical.

First of all, Griezmann is going to a costume party, got that? If he was dressed as an Indian or an Egyptian pharao he would be a racist too?
The link you put up is about a total another scenario, in a time when you guys in the US practiced racism on a full scale, and these white people were employed to dress up as colored people with a special purpose. Are you really so ignorant, that you cannot tell the difference?

The only racist here is you.

But, hey. You write on a website where everybody can get their ignorant ideas published, so you don’t have to know anything about anything, do you?

It is narrowminded and ill-informed people like you that help this world become more and more stupid because you have no knowledge of history and culture. Narrow your production field to sport, as intelligent subjects like human behavior is clearly way out of your field of expertise.

Dear Mr McCauley,
The title of your article is pure misinformation.
There is no racism at all in Griezmann’s choice. Maybe in your mind (and you seem to be good at spotting racism anywhere).
You do not know your own history: ’Blackface’historically means: white people making fun of black people.
But Griezmann is just paying a tribute to the Harlem Globetrotters (he is himself a big fan of the NBA and also a decent shooting guard, yes he plays basketball and loves it).
A kind advice: if you are so obsessed with racism, then go find a psychiatrist and start a therapy and never eat Oreos (White cookies dressed in Black: how awful !!!).

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