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Redbox Bowl

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Illinois. In a bowl game. TODAY! Monday Bowl Games Previews, Open Thread

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The PAC Twelver - Belated ‘Bowling’ Edition

All 13 of Michigan State’s 2018 games, ranked by ugliness

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Postgame Reaction: Ducks 7 - Spartans 6

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College football bowl games preview, NFL Draft prospects live chat, December 31

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Northwestern, Michigan State, Sadness Ahead: NYE Bowl Games Open Thread

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Duck Tape: Film Analysis of Michigan State

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Brian Lewerke the right choice to start Redbox Bowl

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Redbox Bowl Split Stats: Justin Herbert much stronger in first half of 2018 season

S&P+ spread picks for every 2018-19 bowl game

1 nice sentence about all 39 bowl games

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The Only Spin Zone: Why the Redbox Bowl is actually the best Big Ten bowl game

Every 2018-19 bowl game, ranked by watchability

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Oregon vs. Michigan State in the Redbox Bowl

Redbox Bowl 2018, Oregon vs. Michigan State: Where, when, and team info

Final bowl projections, updated after Championship Saturday

The Redbox Bowl is the Blockbuster Bowl’s spiritual successor

2018’s conference bowl ties, pending things getting messy

An 88-year history of people complaining about ‘too many bowl games’

Purdue ran the fake kneel-down play that’s a Brohm staple

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2017 Foster Farms Bowl: Breaking Down Purdue’s Final Drive

The Purdue Boilermakers finish 2017 with a winning season

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Arizona vs. Purdue score predictions

The best and not-so-best of 2017's bowl gifts for players

Predicting the winner of every bowl

How to start a new bowl game, in 9 simple steps

Why bowl games are in such random places

No new bowls until 2020, but where’s next?

All 39 bowl games, ranked by watchability

Utah beats Indiana in a dramatic Foster Farms Bowl

Football people are divided on college stars skipping bowls