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SB Nation NFL Show

The SB Nation NFL Show

All the latest episodes of the SB Nation NFL Show.

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Are you willing to place a bet on Jalen Hurts’ MVP odds?

The SB Nation NFL Show returns with a new lineup of shows

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Kyle Barber joins the SB Nation NFL show to debate recent comments regarding Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey on Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, and the 2021 season

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The Eagles picking DeVonta Smith provides some much-needed juice

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Sheil Kapadia explains what’s lacking right now with the Eagles

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What’s your most controversial NFL opinion?

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Do you have faith in the Eagles to make the most out of their trade down to No. 12?

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Former Eagles players and executives among biggest winners in NFL free agency so far

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Podcast: Why trading Russell Wilson isn’t as wild as it sounds

Podcast: 10 bold predictions for the NFL offseason

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What if the Eagles trade both Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts?

Podcast: Could Russell Wilson and the Seahawks be headed for a divorce?

Every podcast from The SB Nation NFL Show during Super Bowl week

Podcast: The 1 team no one is considering for Deshaun Watson

Podcast: Landing spots for Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, and Matthew Stafford this offseason

Podcast: What hiring Brandon Staley tells us about the Chargers future

Podcast: How to know if your team hired the right head coach

Podcast: Why Aaron Rodgers has more on the line than anyone else this weekend

Podcast: The Bears are making a mistake keeping Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy

The SB Nation NFL Show: We spoke to Amy Trask on how to fix things with Deshaun Watson

Podcast: The Steelers punted away their chance in the NFL playoffs

Podcast: Mark Schlereth on what could prevent the Chiefs from going back-to-back

Podcast: The Bills offense is the hottest in the NFL

Ranking the NFL’s head coaching openings

The Eagles suspicious loss sends Washington to the playoffs

Podcast: The secret to the Bucs’ recent offensive explosion, and why it may not last

Podcast: Can Josh Allen carry the Bills to the Super Bowl?

Podcast: Can anybody in the NFC challenge the red hot Packers?

Podcast: Trey Wingo says we are watching the greatest QB ever right now

Podcast: Dave Gettleman hasn’t earned one more year to fix the Giants