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BEEF VOTE: Vince Carter vs. Toronto OR Jim Calhoun vs. John Calipari

Which beef is best?

(2) Vince Carter vs. Toronto

Beef Breakdown: Over the course of two decades, Vince Carter has gone from maybe the most beloved athlete in Toronto to maybe the most despised athlete in Toronto to ... somewhere in between, but definitely closer to the first thing. Pouting, bad management, injuries, scandalous stories, and more injuries. After all that came a dismal trade, and years of the fans who once embraced Carter booing him every time he visited.

Best Known For: Not necessarily one moment, but the general shift from the face of a franchise to the enemy of all things Toronto.

Vince Carter’s 10-year beef with Toronto included Nelly, a possible body slam, and so many injuries

(7) John Calipari vs. Jim Calhoun

Beef Breakdown: NCAA basketball was forever changed when John Calipari took his first head coaching gig as captain of the UMass Minutemen. It also ignited a feud with UConn coach Jim Calhoun who saw Calipari as an outsider who didn’t belong in New England. The two battled off the court as well as on, much to the satisfaction of college basketball fans everywhere.

Best Known For: The will-they-won’t-they dominated headlines when it came to the coaches deciding whether or not to schedule games. Just get a room, you two.

Calipari’s beef with Calhoun was three decades of pettiness, stolen recruits, and trash talk

Matchup Prediction: While coaching beef is traditionally a very special cut, Vince Carter vs. an entire city is on its own level. If there was a fifth bracket, Carter-Toronto likely would’ve been a 1-seed, making it an uphill battle for the J. Cal’s.

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through March 31, then round two will begin on April 1.

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